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New Car Protection Package

Correct & protect your paint from day one

  • 72 hr
  • Starting @ $1649+hst
  • Wellington County Road 18

Service Description

Full decontamination and protection service for your new vehicle to include: • Removal all environmental and manufacturer contaminants including tar, brake dust, dirt, etc. • Paint correction to remove all swirls, scratches and imperfections • Finishing polish for a mirror finish • Installation of CQuartz Ceramic Coating to seal, enhance and protect the paint for years This service is meant to ensure that no paint defects become instilled in the paintwork, therefore we require the vehicle to be untouched. Please ask your dealership not to wash or apply any products to your vehicle once it arrives and deliver to you in it's original state. In order for the car to accept the ceramic coating, it must be polished and free of defects. If there are any out of the ordinary defects from the dealership that require additional work, extra fees may apply. Coating Options: CQuartz Professional stays clean longer than competing products and provides years of extreme protection from: • UV Rays and oxidation • Oil and water stains and marks • Brake dust and iron contaminants • Abrasion and weathering • Bugs, tar, iron, dust, dirt, & bird bombs CQuartz Finest Reserve provides a gloss that lasts for years, provides stain resistance, hydrophobicity, gloss, and creates a dirt-repellency not possible with any other method of protection. Finest Reserve becomes an integral part of your vehicle, sheltering the finish from environmental hazards and allowing it to be washed with ease for years to come! Please contact us today for a custom consultation and to book your service

Contact Details

  • 8127 Wellington County Rd 18, Fergus, ON N1M 2W5, Canada


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